Biological Nematicide/Insecticide

Zelto image


Zelto® promotes turf health by protecting roots from the ground up. Zelto is a biological nematicide for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil dwelling pests, such as white grubs. It has a novel bacteria based (non-living) active with true nematicidal activity against eggs, juveniles and adult nematodes. Zelto also has activity on labeled surface feeding insects in turf providing additional protection to maintain plant health. Zelto can also be used on ornamental plants in landscapes to control a wide-variety of piercing/sucking type insects that can cause damage.

  • OMRI Listed
  • Reduces nematode population with activity against eggs, juveniles and adults
  • Improves plant and root health
  • Increases turf density
  • Multiple compounds with multi-site activity
  • Can be used in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Minimal REI (once spray deposits have dried)
  • Broad-spectrum control of many species of nematodes that feed on turf roots
  • True nematicide, not nemastatic
  • Causes paralysis to adult nematodes in as little as 48 hours after contact or ingestion
  • Wide range of site uses
  • No annual usage rate restrictions
  • Tanks mix compatible with other pesticides or fertilizers
  • Can be used in conjunction with other pesticides as part of integrated pest management programs