Turf Wet Select

TurfWet Select

Hydrophobic soil treatment

turf & soil cross-section

The latest technology in non-ionic surfactants and soil wetting agents. The unique combination of surfactant complexes that comprise Turf Wet Select™ make it radically different than most 30-day soil surfactants. It provides extremely uniform hydration, enhanced water distribution, better drainage and more balanced air to water ratios in the soil profile.

The diverse construction of the Turf Wet Select molecule, combined with the blend of several complementary surfactant components, places it above the competitive products in the market and provides turf managers with a supreme and consistently performing product.

  • Extremely uniform hydration characteristics
  • Unique tri-block copolymer combined with high molecular weight surfactants
  • Increased efficiency of water use
  • Dew suppression
  • Reduced LDS (localized dry spot)
  • Reduced water stress
  • Non-burning formulation
  • Multi-component complex for unsurpassed performance

For Use With

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers