Turf Wet LT Select

TurfWetLT Select

A long-term, 120-day soil surfactant

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Combining two complimentary block surfactants together with a graft polymer surfactant, Turf Wet LT Select™ represents the latest technology in soil surfactants by providing up to 120 days of performance.

This new soil surfactant technology provides for increased hydration characteristics while compensating for microbial degradation of the polymer. The combination results in exceptionally uniform hydration, increased water movement, reduction in localized dry spot (LDS) and increased movement through the root zone. Normal longer term surfactants attempt to obtain 60 – 90 days of performance simply by applying higher concentrations as a measure to offset microbial degradation, which is the leading cause of surfactant failure.

The grafted polymer technology found in Turf Wet LT Select is radically different from any other long-term surfactant on the market and truly represents the leading edge of longevity and high performance surfactant technology for demanding turf environments.

  • Extremely uniform hydration characteristics
  • Reattaches to soil particles, unlike traditional surfactants
  • True 90-day plus surfactant – up to 120 days of performance
  • Increased vertical and lateral water movement
  • Reduced LDS (localized dry spot)
  • Safe, non burning formulation
  • Combination of 3 polymers for unsurpassed performance

For Use With

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers