Tri-Wet Select

TriWet Select

A 30-day, multi-component soil surfactant

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A 30-day, multi-component soil surfactant complex designed to reduce LDS (localized dry spots) and drought stress. The multi-chemistry design of Tri-Wet Select™ helps mitigate hydrophobic soils, ensures uniform hydration characteristics, and facilitates rapid re-wetting without creating excess moisture in the top few inches of the soil profile.

When used on a consistent, monthly basis. Tri-Wet Select provides superior soil moisture management and should be safe for application on all turf types, including highly maintained golf greens.

  • Extremely uniform hydration characteristics
  • Enables rapid re-wetting without excess moisture
  • Increased vertical and lateral water movement
  • Reduced LDS (localized dry spot)
  • Non-burning formulation
  • Multi-component complex for unsurpassed performance

For Use With

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers