Tee Time NG Select™


The next generation turf pigment

golf green

Tee Time NG Select™ is a stable pigment designed to improve turf aesthetic value and can be used as a visual spray pattern indicator for applicators. Tee Time NG Select can assist with making spray applications of turf chemicals, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, herbicides and plant protectants more consistent and uniform spray applications.

  • Can improve the consistency of spring green-up and turfgrass transition when applied in late winter/early spring
  • Can be used to improve heat tolerance and postpone leaf senescence by reducing plant stress
  • Stimulates metabolism and promotes plant efficiency during environmental stresses and helps the turf to be more efficient
  • Prevent unsightly misses and costly overlaps during pesticide applications

General information
Add to pesticide spray applications to enhance the green appearance of turf. Promotes uniform application of pesticide sprays by leaving a visual indication of spray patterns. Prevent missed spots where no pesticide control has been applied. Prevent costly overlaps where pesticide has already been applied.

Application rates
Shake well before using. Use 20 ounces of Tee Time NG Select per acre of turf being sprayed. Adjust as needed for desired color intensity.

Tee Time NG Select will color any surface with which it comes in contact. Cover all surfaces near the area being sprayed that must remain color-free.