Bifenamite 2SC






Bifenamite™ 2SC is a selective, foliar applied insecticide for the residual control and quick knockdown of mites on ornamental plants, including bulb crops, landscape perennials, foliage and flowering plants.  Bifenamite 2SC works on contact and is most effective on motile mites but also has ovicidal activity against spider mites.

  • Provides long-lasting residual control for late hatches when used as directed
  • Can be tank mixed with other insecticides for broad-spectrum control
  • Wide range of use sites

Labeled Uses

Can be applied to the following plants in areas around residences, commercial and industrial areas; interior and exterior landscaping;
shadehouses, greenhouses and nurseries; conifer/Christmas tree plantations; golf courses, parks, athletic fields and rights-of-way
and other easement uses.

  • Bedding plants
  • Foliage and flowering plants
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs and trees
  • Ornamental bulb crops
  • Tomatoes grown in greenhouses (may NOT be used on tomatoes grown outdoors)