Bifen G/N 7.9F Select

Golf course and nursery termiticide/insecticide

nursery beds

Bifen G/N 7.9F Select

Intended for Use and Storage by Commercial Applicators for Non-Food Use on Indoor and Outdoor Ornamentals, Nurseries, Turf on Golf Courses and Sod Farms.

Bifen G/N 7.9F Select™ is an odorless, non-irritating to skin, non-phytotoxic residual insecticide that will give you superior, long lasting control. The active ingredient, bifenthrin, not only has a wide range of pests controlled but is approved for use on golf courses, sod farms, greenhouses, and nurseries.

  • Controls numerous insects and mites on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and flowers in greenhouses
  • Can be incorporated into potting media for the control of imported fire ants
  • Use as a preventative treatment for larval control for such pests as white grubs, black vine weevil, Japanese beetle