Prodiazone Select

Prodiazone Select

Selective pre-emergent and early post-emergent herbicide

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Prodiazone Select

Prodiazone Select™ is a selective pre-emergent and early post-emergent herbicide for control of sedges, crabgrass, annual grass and broadleaf weeds. Prodiazone Select is a flowable formulation (suspension concentrate) containing 4 lbs. of active ingredient per gallon.

  •  Demonstrates tolerance on both cool and warm season turfgrasses
  •  Dual mode of action, absorbed by weeds from shoot to root, long-lasting residual
  •  Pre-emergent control – 3 to 5 months post application – of perennial sedges like green kyllinga and yellow nutsedge.
  •  Provides early post-emergent crabgrass control in 1-4 leaf stages
  •  Can provide up to 100 days pre-emergent control over annual and perennial nutsedge

Labeled Uses

  • Residential and institutional lawns
  • Parks, Athletic fields
  • Ornamental sites including landscapes
  • Commercial sod farms
  • Golf course fairways and roughs
  • Container and field grown ornamentals
  • Non-Crop areas – including roadsides, utilities and managed rights-of-way