Pel-Wet Select


Soil syringing pellet for turf


pel-wet-pellet1Pel-Wet Select™ pellets are a convenient way to spot treat and supplement your normal turf moisture management program. Containing a blend of high end surfactants totaling almost 100% active ingredient, Pel-Wet Select pellets are the quick and easy way to remedy turf showing signs of heat wilt, stress and localized dry spot conditions.

Pel-Wet Select pellets make touching up problem areas easy, providing temporary relief of localized dry spots and other water movement issues with no extra labor costs. Pel-Wet Select pellets can be applied in any condition and in conjunction with your current water management products. Simply drop a pellet in the convenient applicator. One pellet will cover about 2 – 3 greens. Pel-Wet Select pellets are designed to maintain their integrity and not crumble apart during use, making it possible to re-use partially used pellets. Defoaming agents are added to each pellet to ensure clean product delivery.

Can be applied with a standard pellet hose end adapter unit that fits a 1-inch hose.



  • Reduced heat stress
  • Prevents heat wilting
  • Spot treatment for LDS (localized dry spots)


  • Each 8 oz pellet contains 100% AI
  • Makes applications quick and easy – about 10 minutes per green
  • Each pellet contains defoaming agents for clean application
  • Designed to not crumble apart during use
  • Non-burning formulation
  • Compatible with existing water management products

For Use With

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilizers