Indicator Green SG Select


Simplified Application with Superior Dispersion


Indicator Green SG Select™ reduces costly waste and unsightly skips with a visual indicator. Utilizing an indicator dye in your tank mix can save you time and money by quickly identifying treated areas, while also alerting you to ongoing equipment failure. While liquid dyes can often result in spills and splash-back, Indicator Green SG Select provides you with complete control during both the measuring and mixing process. Simply tip to measure the desired amount of granules in the attached measurement compartment, then pour into the tank. Accidental spills are quickly and easily contained by vacuuming or sweeping any spilled granules before they come into contact with water to avoid unsightly stains.

  • Up to 12 x more efficient than liquid dye
  • Convenient self-contained measuring bottle
  • No direct contact with dye means less mess
  • No drips or splash-back
  • Easy clean up in the case of a spill
  • Superior performance in tank mixes


Spray pattern indicator