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A high quality, general purpose nonionic surfactant that can be used in most situations. Whether spraying insecticides, fungicides or herbicides, 80/20 Select will improve their performance.
A high quality blend of organosilicone surfactants (OSS) and methylated soybean oils (MSO). Designed for use with herbicides that call for the use of MSO and that does not exclude the use of OSS.
A unique combination of highly refined methylated seed oil, selected emulsifiers and surfactants. MSO Select is readily absorbed into the waxy cuticle of plants, allowing the active ingredient to reach its target more efficiently.
A crop oil concentrate that contains a balanced system of oil and surfactants designed to carry herbicide and defoliant actives through waxy plant surfaces to the interior of the pests where they can provide more effective control.
Combines the effects of a surfactant, penetrant, acidifier & deposition aid in one convenient, economical formulation. Engineered to increase the coverage on a target surface area and penetration through waxy or weather hardened cuticles.
By using multiple exceptional components, Triple Max Select improves the efficacy of pesticides applied under a wide range of conditions.


A water-based, silicone emulsion, antifoam and defoamer that can be used to prevent foam formation or knock down existing foam.
A high visibility stable foam marker used in turf grass applications.
A concentrated fragrance containing essential oils from the wintergreen plant, designed to mask objectionable chemical odors.
Assists with reducing or eliminating residues, chemical and otherwise, from mix tanks and spray equipment. Reduce the chances of cross contamination which could lead to reduced efficacy and other unwanted application results.


A convenient pellet form wetting agent for spot treatments and supplement to normal turf moisture management programs.
A blend of 4 polymers in a precise ratio to encourage uniform,increased moisture penetration and some moisture retention for up to two weeks. The formulation ensures maximum uptake of water, and encourages improved rooting and nutrient uptake leading to greater plant health and uniformity of moisture in the soil profile
A 30-day multi-component soil surfactant complex designed to reduce LDS and drought stress.
Increase infiltration and distribution of water into root zones, reduces occurrences of disease such as localized dry spot.
Long-term, 120 day soil surfactant. Combines two complimentary block surfactants with a graft polymer surfactant for the latest in soil surfactant technology.